The purpose of the Philosophy Club is to provide a place for students to raise and discuss issues related to the field of philosophy: metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, etc. The rationale behind forming this club is that students are earnestly curious about these issues, and the opportunity to address them authentically engages their critical thinking.

To achieve these ends, the club will meet weekly after school. Any students may join/attend; there are no membership requirements, and there are no fees. During after-school meetings we will have loosely structured small- and large-group discussions, conducting inquiry into philosophical matters both abstract and immediately relevant to current events and daily life. We will also investigate the use of logic and reasoning as it applies to these matters. Efforts will be made to keep track of what we discover for future reference should certain issues resurface. Through this process, students may also learn about significant thinkers and concepts in the history of philosophy. No concept or topic is necessarily out of bounds, on the premise that philosophy has broad relevance and significance; the only requirement for discussion is that it remain respectful, civil, and open-minded.